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Welcome to the Purple Project 

Breathe and Believe               Deal and Heal                       Pray and Release 

Welcome to the Purple Project, the passion project of Blessed Fire. 

We are passionate about advocating, supporting, and praying for

those affected by domestic abuse. 


Affected by Domestic Abuse 

 Click around and use all the resources on this page.  If you would like a more secure experience sign up for the Journey Purple Code .

If you would like prayer, please fill out the prayer request below. We are working to gather more resources and opportunities to support you on your journey. 

Not Your End Resource's 

Purple Passion Partners ( Project Supporters )

As we are building the foundation, please stay connected to learn how you can help. You can make monetary donations : 

Cash App = $BlessedFire  

Paypal =BlessedFire

GoFundMe - coming soon. 

Please note on all donations for Purple Project. 


Current Efforts 

Fundraising for the 5013C formation includes 

Profit of Not Your End Book Sales 

Prayer Request 

If you need prayer for ANYTHING please submit a request below.  

We have received your request.
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