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Yesterday was HARD!

Yesterday was many things.

Yesterday was the first day of fall.

Yesterday was a Tuesday.

And Yesterday was HARD.

It was hard for me because it was the second date set for the Launch of Seasons.

Seasons is a book of poetry that Journeys through a life.

From Mountain Highs to Valley lows and everything in between, but strangely it also has a journey of its own.

The first draft of Season was complete and sent to publish in 2014. After the editor replied with suggestions the passion for the project went south.

All of a sudden my personal therapy didn't seem good enough for the world. The spirit of fear set in and it took me 5 years to pick it back up, dust it off and start again.

Yesterday was the first day of fall, however to me, it was cold like a winter's day.

The enemy that I have to defeat over and over, returned to whisper in my ear ”It's not good enough”.

I am not going to lie to you. I folded to the whisper and did nothing towards the preparation of the launch. I started thinking about all the things I have lost in this Season, my career, my hopes of having a home and finally being stable, my savings, etc.

I almost added Seasons to the list.

As I was contemplating whether today was going to be another lifeless day a voice arose that was louder than the fear.

It called to me to GET UP!

Get Up and be who I called you to be.

Get up and shake what is dead off your life and move forward.

You have not come to the end of 2020 to let anything die here.

Get Up. I got you. Let's go.

So you know what I did?


Seasons - A Book of Poetry Launching Oct 3, 2020

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