What is Stirring 2022 !

Thank you for your continued connection to Blessed Fire. com.

Blessed Fire was created to provide content, community, and apparel that edifies and stirs up the gifts of God in you, according to 2 Timothy 1:6-7.

In 2022 we are prioritizing our focus on content and community.

We will still bring you new Anointed Apparel and Home Décor that connects you to our content and community Journeys.

If you have not noticed we are receiving a small renovation as we draw closer to our purpose. We apologize for any incorrect emails or posts as we separate and update our communities for a better online experience.

These renovations will continue through the first quarter. If at any time you have a question or concern email us at info@blessedfire.com.

What's New Apparel:

Hoodie Season is upon us and we are Blessed and Unbothered. Take a look at our latest design and find your color. They also come in V-neck Anointed Tees up to 4XL :

What's New Community:

We recently kickstarted a Faith to Faith Journey with our Watchmen Community called the Council of Watchmen. Enrollment is open until February 1, 2022.

You can learn more by viewing this video:

I am excited about this step of obedience to come closer to those I am called to and serve.

What's New Content:

2022 will bring New Blogs and our new interview series "C.H.A.T" Christians Having a Talk.

On a day to day I am blessed to have some anointed conversations via text and phone. With permission and In the mission to Stir up the Gifts, we will share some of these with the Blessed Fire community. Be sure to stay connected for more details.

As we continue through this year, our prayer is that we will be effective in our mission to Stir up the gifts of God in all that are connected, as we create NEW communities, NEW content and NEW apparel and home décor.

To ensure you receive our emails add info@blessedfire.com to your contacts and check back often for all things Stirring!

Thank you for your patience in renovation.


Tabitha Collins - Owner BlessedFire.com

Stir Up the Gifts

Declare It ~Wear It

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