Understanding the assignment

Growing in the Prophetic I can stand and give a Word from the Lord.

Pray and have faith that I heard from God.

Walk away believing or being told that person was blessed. Unless Holy Spirt unctions for a prayer covering. That's it I'm done. 

In this next level lesson:

God gives me a Word for myself.

I first have to believe in Faith that this Word was from God through me for me.

Then walk it out by faith in prayer and action and sometimes even war .

I don't get to just release, believe and leave. This current Seasons lesson: God gave me a secret in Aug 2021about something that was coming .  I received the Word and tried to prep those involved on what was to come. As a Watchmen I shouted from the Wall. They didn't listen or maybe they just didn't care.   Today 11/11/21 we are smack dab in the middle of that Word.  Others where shocked ,scared and confused.  I am not . I am Thankful. Thankful for the secrets  Thankful for a hEARt for God. Thankful that Almost didn't happen  And Thankful that because he prepared me for its coming I walk in the middle with peace. Two points from the lesson: 1. If your waiting on a Word to manifest pray and prepare. If God said it that settles it. It's going to happen Be ready whenever it does and for ever long you have to wait stay ready. 2. Do NOT negate the voice of the Lord and the strategy He gives even If you don't understand. Even if others don't take heed. Move by faith and not by sight. It will save you your WHOLE ENTIRE MIND!

God shows us things to come Then we have the choice to receive , believe and obey. If we do these things our reward is Peace.  Peace in the midst if the storm  Peace that passes all understanding. 

Understanding of the assignment #obedienceisbetta 

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