Let’s Take a Journey "Seasons" A Book of Poetry

Lay back Yes get comfortable and imagine

Your favorite drink right within reach

Your bum nestled into your favorite seat

The cares of the world nowhere in mind

Just relaxation at the right temperature, at the right time.

Imagine with me

Turn your head a little to the left and see

The trees, the leaves, seem green and healthy

All of a sudden a North wind blows

The branches rustle

And start to expose

Different colors falling free

Some brown, some red, even yellowee

Floating down from all around

Did they hold on or finally escape to the ground

A couple of days past, same chair, same tree

Turning to the left but this time it's bare as it can be.

The only color is brown from the branches you see

We knew it was coming - Change Inevitably

Seasons is a Book of Poetry that Journeys through a life.

From Mountain Highs to Valley lows and everything in between.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the changing seasons of our life were similar to the ones of nature?

In which we could know the change was coming, and maybe even predict how long it would last. Would it not be amazing to know how many Seasons we have to transition through and how we would come out of them.

In this 41 year journey, I have learned that although we can not have it that way We can discern the Season once it arrives, We can prophesy to our seasons and we can determine the outcome.

Thank you for your Pre-Sale Purchase of my first literary work “Seasons - A Book of Poetry “ by Tabitha Collins. I promise I will not be a bug on that tree, however in the coming weeks, you will receive more insight into the journey, information on the “Seasons” launch event, and when you will receive your download.

For now, rest your bum back in that comfortable seat and enjoy 10% off and always Free Shipping in the US at Blessed Fire Apparel.

If you ever have any questions along the way you can always email me at blessedfireapparel@gmail.com.

Thank you for believing in me.



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